The training course is intended for women who want to start their own business.

The aim of the training course is to develop and enrich women's entrepreneurial skills.

Course objectives:

- Acquaintance with the legal framework of women's entrepreneurship;

- Ensuring the participation of business entities in government and corporate procurement;

- Teaching business planning;

- Familiarization with the practice of providing microfinance services to businesses;

- Training of banks on lending to business entities;

- Training of business entities in order of export-import operations;

- Familiarization of business entities with the practice of taxation;

- Introduction to the practice of business insurance.

The curriculum includes the following topics:

- Presentation of the topic of the training seminar;

- Legal and regulatory framework for women's entrepreneurship;

- Obtaining the right to use raw materials and resources. Participation of business entities in government and corporate procurement;

- Creation of a business plan and assessment of the reliability of its indicators;

- The procedure for opening and maintaining accounts in commercial banks in national and foreign currency;

- Provision of micro-financial services to enterprises;

- The practice of business lending by commercial banks;

- Export-import operations of business entities;

- Taxation of business entities;

- The importance of insurance in doing business;

- State support for women's entrepreneurship;

- Risks and management of women's entrepreneurship;

- Master class on organization and business development from successful entrepreneurs;

- Solving practical and situational tasks;

- Solving practical and situational tasks;

- Assessment of students' knowledge using test questions. Issuance of certificates.

The form of study is daytime, distance

Study load: 40 classroom hours

Duration: 5 days, from 09:00 to 16:00

Intermediate control: conversation

Final control: test

Upon completion of the course, a state certificate is issued.

Training requirements:

Language instruction: Russian, Uzbek

Price: 2 100 000 soums.

1,050,000 soums (regions).

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