The course is intended for entrepreneurs, heads of companies that work to attract additional financial resources for specific investment projects for the development of an enterprise or who wish to expand an existing business, attract investments or obtain a loan to purchase equipment and replenish working capital; company managers (marketing and finance specialists) who independently develop development projects (business plans) of the company as a whole and its individual divisions; specialists of credit institutions and investment companies carrying out both a comprehensive analysis of enterprises and analysis of specific investment projects.

The purpose of the course is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in the development of a business plan in the field of production, business, entrepreneurship, providing participants with the knowledge and practical recommendations necessary to master the practice of business planning.

The objective of the course is to acquire theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of business planning, determine ways and means to achieve your goals.

Programme of the course includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to corporate governance;
  • Introduction to business planning. Project management concept;
  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of business planning;
  • Pre-project research and technical design;
  • Business plan: structure and content of the main sections.

After completing the course, graduates will know: theoretical foundations of modern business planning; standard methods of developing business plans; methods and techniques of business planning; new trends in the economy, technology, technology for using them in their activities; be able to identify the most important distinctive features of a particular business and the features of its internal and external situation; choose options for methods and techniques depending on the specific situation; determine the need for capital and cash; have skills of business planning in practice; for independent development of a business plan; skills to prove and demonstrate the validity, reliability and feasibility of a business plan; skills to use innovations in their activities.

Form of study: full-time, full-time with separation from work or using the capabilities of distance educational technologies. 

Study load:

Training load - 40 academic hours

Duration of study - 5 days

Intensity: daily from 9.00 to 16.00

Intermediate Control: Interview

Final control: testing

At the end of the course, a State-standard certificate is issued.

Learning conditions:

Language - Russian

Number of students: 20-25 people

Online submission of documents