About us

Republican Graduate School of Business and Management (hereinafter – RGSBM ) was created in order to radically improve training and professional development of specialists in the field of corporate governance and management, scientific and methodological support, implementation of modern corporate governance practices in accordance with international standards.

Currently, RGSBM is a leading educational institution in the country for training, retraining and advanced training of senior executives for business entities, joint-stock companies and other forms of companies, as well as the only state educational institution offering MBA courses.

In order to implement the educational mission, RGSBM developed an innovative curriculum aimed at preparing highly qualified leaders who can effectively manage and solve the tasks at the high level.

Particular attention in the education process is paid to developing of MBA students’ analytical and practical skills by solving real tasks in terms of case-studies  created by RGSBM academic staff, conducting  master classes and interactive discussions with the participation of specialists and managers of leading organizations and enterprises of the country, as well as organizing practical training of MBA students in the state and economic administration bodies and enterprises of the country.

Academic staff of RGSBM consists of leading educators with a wide academic, professional and research experience. Moreover,RGSBM involves leading experts of state and economic administration bodies into academic process, as well as local and foreign university professors.

Cohorts of MBA students of RGSBM consist of managers and specialists of enterprises and economic administration of the country with high potential and motivation.

Courses are held in Russian and Uzbek languages, as well as in English by foreign lecturers – if necessary, with translation into Russian or Uzbek languages.