The course is intended for employees of human resources departments of manufacturing enterprises, organizations and small firms; specialists of other areas who want to work as HR managers; students of the last courses of universities in the specialty "Management".

The purpose of the course is to train competent specialists of personnel services for enterprises and organizations who possess modern technologies of personnel management and legal knowledge of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Course Objectives:

  • study of theoretical and practical bases of labor legislation;
  • developing an understanding of recruitment and adaptation technologies;
  • acquisition of experience in the organization of the personnel service;
  • identification of potential opportunities for the development of human resources.

Programme of the course includes the following topics:

  • Labor Law Basics;
  • Personnel selection and adaptation technologies;
  • Personel assessment;
  • Human resource development;
  • HR organization.

After completing the course, graduates will know: main components of human resources management; modern trends, main tasks, models and methods of personnel management in the enterprise; the basics of labor legislation; be able to determine the main components of human resources management; analyze the trends and trends of modern personnel management; distinguish labor contracts from civil contracts; conclude and terminate labor contracts; possess skills methods and models of human resources management; techniques and methods of organizing personnel evaluation in the company; the main principles of building a system of employee motivation; methods of forming competence in conducting training.

Form of study: full-time with separation from work

Study load:

Training load - 48 academic hours

Duration of study - 10 days

At the end of the course, a State-standard certificate is issued.

Learning conditions:

Language - Russian, Uzbek

Number of students: 25-30

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