Republican Graduate School of Business and Management conducts transformational business game “Causal Intelligence”, aimed at gaining vivid experience and understanding of:

  1. How your own familiar thoughts and feelings shape your business and life in general.
  2. How to think and feel differently to create the life you want to live.
  3. Which models of consciousness and behavior lead to success and development, and which ones to destruction and crisis.
  4. What exactly helps you and what interferes in business and personal life, and also how to get rid of it or get it.

Causal intelligence allows you to track your limiting attitudes that block the achievement of goals in a game format.

Who usually plays the game of "Causal intelligence"?

They’re all different people, but all of them are united in:

  • desire for self-development;
  • active life position;
  • development of own business;
  • desire to become master of their own destiny;
  • interest in one’s own inner world;
  • desire to improve the quality of their own lives.

Duration of the game - 3 hours

Number of participants - from 1 to 25 people

Details by phone: +998 97 750 16 99

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