The workshop was organized on the topic of IPO and SPO trading processes and stock market activities

On May 14 at the Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship organized the workshop on “Trading processes of IPO and SPO in the stock market and the activities of stock exchanges”. The event was attended by students and staff of the Graduate School and a guest speaker.

The head of the Central Securities Depository, Associate Professor Faizulla Tashov, and the head of the "Business Management (MBA)" Department at the Higher School, Professor Dilmurod Suyunov, presented the current activities of the Securities Depository. Particular attention was given to important topics such as the storage and reporting of securities and exchange activities.

During the workshop, the participants were provided with practical and theoretical knowledge on the prospects of capital market development in Uzbekistan, stock market development trends, IPO and SPO processes, as well as the functioning of stock exchanges.

For reference:

- IPO (Initial Public Offering) is an initial public offering in which a company sells its shares to a wide range of investors on the stock market for the first time. IPO allows a company to attract capital investments for further growth and development.

- SPO (Secondary Public Offering) - a secondary public offering in which a company that has already completed an IPO issues additional shares for sale on the stock market. SPO allows the company to raise additional capital after the initial public offering.

The stock exchange is an important activator of the economy of a developing country and plays a significant role in the world economy. Therefore, measures are being taken to ensure effective functioning of stock exchanges in Uzbekistan. The country pays great attention to the creation of a stock market that meets modern requirements.

In the conditions of market economy, economic entities and participants of economic sphere can easily integrate their economic interests with the stock market.

As a result of the event, the audience gained strengthened knowledge about the trading processes of IPO, SPO and stock exchange activities.