With the aim of improving the level and qualifications of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Karakalpakstan, first deputies of khokims of regions and the city of Tashkent, as well as districts (cities), it was organized seminar-trainings in the Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Economic development and Poverty reduction on January 11-26, 2021.

Today, the second day of the seminar-training began with a speech by an expert of the UN Development Program – O.A. Ganiev on "Current problems in ensuring social protection, ways to overcome them and international experience". He spoke about the types of social protection provided to the population in our country, the existing problems in the mechanisms of providing services, ways to reduce the human factor in determining these services and the use of foreign experience in improving the effectiveness of social protection services.

After that, with his presentation on "Privatization and the provision of vacant buildings and land to entrepreneurs in the prescribed manner" - the head of the State Assets Management Agency - J. X. Kudratov spoke and shared the necessary knowledge and skills for local government officials. In the presentation, he spoke about the issues of ensuring the effectiveness of the activities of enterprises with state participation in our country, realization (privatization) of state assets, ensuring open and transparent management of rent, monitoring of the implementation of investment and social obligations accepted by investors, studying of vacant facilities, development of programs to increase the effectiveness of their activities and other topical issues.

On "Reforms in the field of cadastre, the work being done to radically improve the system of land accounting and state cadastre" Deputy Director of the Cadastre Agency - M. S. Mirmaksudov made a report. In the presentation, special attention was paid to ensuring the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of state registration of real property rights, state registration of rights to them, maintenance of state land cadaster, state cadaster of buildings and structures, ensuring state registration of real property rights, maintenance of a unified system of state cadaster of regions. special attention was paid to ensuring their effective operation.

First Deputy Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade - A.B. Voitov made a presentation on "Production of investment projects in the regions and increase investment attractiveness, finding new markets for products." During the presentation, he gave recommendations on the main issues to be addressed in the formation process and the problems to be solved and identified, their causes and measures to be taken on investment projects implemented in the past and to be implemented in 2021, major industrial projects to be launched in 2021 under the regional investment programs, the effectiveness of work in individual districts and cities, increasing product competitiveness and exploring new markets for products.

Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank - B.S. Hamraev and heads of departments of the State Fund for Entrepreneurship Support and B.Ch. Normirzaev made a report on topic "Available sources, opportunities and benefits for financing small business and private entrepreneurship"In the presentation, they discussed the specific features of the "new system", which will be implemented in the framework of family entrepreneurship development programs, the tasks of commercial banks to facilitate the financing of entrepreneurial projects of families included in the "Temir Daftar ", "Yoshlar Daftari" and " Ayollar Daftari ", measures to be taken by commercial banks to restore the activities of entrepreneurs with reduced money, the current issues on the organization of the system of providing financial services of the state fund for the support of entrepreneurial activity to entrepreneurs were discussed.

The second day of the seminar-training was completed with the presentation “Development of short, medium and long-term strategy. Foresight Technology” presented by the professor of Graduate school of Business and Entrepreneurship - I.E. Nasrullaev. In it, local government bodies gave their recommendations on knowledge and practical skills on the development of short, medium and long-term strategy of activity on the basis of Foresight technology.

Discussion of topical issues, tasks and problems in the seminar-training takes the form of interactive dialogue between presenters and participants of the event.

It will be recalled that the seminar-training for the first deputy governors of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm, Navoi and Bukhara regions will last from 11 to 14 January.