Project management(PM)

The Master program in Project Management is aimed at building a successful career in management. In today's unstable economy, characterized by constant changes, competently constructed management activity is the key to a successful business. It is also worth remembering that the principles and tools of project management are widely used both in the private and public sectors of the economy.

For whom?

The master program is intended for economic management bodies, joint-stock companies and other business entities. It is suitable both for graduates who are just beginning their careers, and for professionals who would like to deepen their professional knowledge for further growth.

The purpose of the program:

- preparing students for a successful career in the field of project and supply management;

- development of skills necessary for the effective management of the enterprise, a high level of business etiquette.

Advantages of the program:

-  the possibility of combining study and work;

- The educational process for educational programs, developed taking into account modern international educational standards and requirements;

- forms and methods of training based on advanced pedagogical, information and communication technologies;

- participation of professors and teachers of leading educational institutions in Germany and other economically developed countries;

- problem-oriented discussions, “round tables”, conferences, symposiums with the participation of scientists and specialists of the republic and foreign countries;

- the possibility of studying abroad on the basis of a partnership program;

An important feature of the program is that, the students will receive a fundamental basis of strategic planning, project expertise, project modeling, business process management, which creates a good basis for the effective application of the methodology in practice.

The course is delivered on a paid-contract basis.