RGSBM students are having an internship in South Korea

In the period from 20 to 26 may 2019, within the framework of the UNESCO UNITWIN program (G-BEX Korea), students of the Republican Graduate School of Business and Management (hereinafter – RGSBM) are having an internship program in Seoul, which is organized jointly with the Handong Global University.

During the internship, students were acquainted with a brief history of Korea, economic development, achievements in many industries, covered in a number of lectures by Professor at the Global Handong - Prof. of Handong Global University Keesan Yoo, Prof. of Konkuk Business School Yongjae Kim and His Excellency Former Adminstrator of Public Procurement Service Mr. Park Chunseop, as well as with the Korean retail system, using the example of Seoul's famous Times Square shopping center.

Moreover, students visited the Money Museum of the Central Bank of Korea. At the end of the visit to the Museum, Professor of the Bank of Korea – Myongjong Lee  held a lecture on" Overview of the Central Bank of Korea, the Korean economy and international Finance." Further, the delegation of the RGSBM visited the national commercial Bank of Korea "Shinhan bank", as well as the insurance company "Shinnan life insurance".

The intense program also included a visit to one of the Hyundai group companies – "Hyundai steel" in the city of Dangin. During the visit, the students were introduced to the company's activities, production and exports. Moreover, the audience had the opportunity to witness the steel production process in the company. Then, the delegation of the RGSBM visited the scientific Museum of the national gas company "KOGAS" in Incheon. During the visit to the Museum, the audience got acquainted with the information about the activities of "KOGAS", the potential of the company, as well as ways to provide gas to the population of Korea. In addition, a visit to the heart of Korea's cultural heritage -the Palace "Hwaseong Haenggung" built in 1795 was also organized.

As a result of the visits, students together with representatives of the Graduate school prepare reports on the work done, information received, skills and suggestions on possible ways to implement the experience of Korea in the relevant sectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan.