Another meeting of the “Business Master-Class” project held with the leadership of TBC Bank Uzbekistan

On May 24, 2024, at the Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship, another meeting with a guest speaker was held as part of the “Business Master-Class” project, where the Chairman of the Board of TBC Bank Uzbekistan, Spartak Tetrashvili, gave a presentation on “Key Principles of a Digital Bank in the Modern World”. 

At the meeting, Spartak Tetrashvili shared his experience in developing digital banking, the advantages and opportunities of digital banks, as well as the future prospects for expanding banking services using modern IT technologies in Uzbekistan’s banking sector. 

Additionally, the guest speaker discussed the differences between digital banking and traditional banking, highlighting the importance of digital banking products, digital channels, and digital processes in developing and maintaining the competitiveness of digital banks. 

During the event, Spartak Tetrashvili also introduced the participants with the operations of TBC Bank Uzbekistan, which began its activities in Uzbekistan in 2020. The bank has rapidly developed retail banking solutions through a mobile application, leveraging its innovative fintech platform.

The guest speaker particularly noted that the corporate culture of TBC Bank Uzbekistan plays a significant role in the successful implementation of ambitious projects in the banking and financial sector. 

At the end of the event, participants engaged in question and answer session with the guest speaker, concerning digital banking and the activities of TBC Bank Uzbekistan. They also exchanged views on the future prospects for the development of digital banking in the country.