«The Shadow economy: problems, solutions and results» topic round-table meeting was hosted in the Graduate school

«Shadow economy: problems, solutions and results» under this title on 31 may 2019 at the Republican Graduate School of Business and Management (hereinafter referred as Graduate school) was held meeting in round table format.

Reference: Shadow Economy – economic activity, hidden as from society, and from government, which is out of governmental control and record. Shady economics is unobserved and informal part of economy.

At the round table, organized together with Graduate School and the Senate of Oliy  Majlis, took part representatives of ministry, government departments, large international and domestic organizations.

The Committee Chairman of budget and economic reforms at the Senate of Oliy Majlis Jumagaldiyev Muhammad Ruzimovich opened the meeting by familiarizing attendants with undertaking measures of government in terms of eradication problems like «Shadow Economy» and its entailing consequences, marking topicality of theme.

At the round table was discussion about foreign «Shadow Economy» dimension reducing experience, methods of its scale evaluation, situation in Uzbekistan and other actual questions up to topic.