Graduate School employees took part in an international seminar of Trade Development in the People’s Republic of China

From 16 – 27 may 2019 in the People’s Republic of China (Pekin) was held a seminar on the theme “Seminar on Trade Development Capacity for Countries under Belt and Road Initiative». The Seminar was held at the International University of Business and Economics with the support of Commerce Ministry of China. In the event took part representatives from different countries, among them were our compatriots as well, likewise The Republican Graduate School of Business and Management employees.

During their stay, students were introduced to the peculiarities of the PRC economy in the current world market conjuncture, and also participated in many seminars on topic of “Regional economy and development’’, “Opportunities for the development of the project “One belt – one road”, “Business ethics in China”, “Review of the development and reform of China”, “Review of the development and international trade reform of the PRC” and so on.

Likewise, participants have visited the sights of China and were in the leading companies of the country, where they could with own eye observe working process.

All in all, this type of events leads to fortification of cooperation between countries, influence positively on developing of mutually beneficial relations and broaden the worldview of the participants.