A series of special lectures for listeners under the UNESCO/UNITWIN program

On May 10, 2021, through the Zoom platform, a series of special lectures on “Transformation of Digital Technologies in the Korean Economy” for master's students under the UNESCO / UNITWIN program was launched by professors of Handong Global University of South Korea.

The 4-day lectures will cover the following topical issues:

  • Korean economy: today and tomorrow;
  • The ecosystem of startups in Korea;
  • Digital Transformation in Korea: Best Practices of Korean Companies;
  • "Smart Factory" in the 4th Industrial Revolution;
  • Urbanization and economic development in Korea;
  • The impact of the pandemic on the FINTECH industry;
  • Korea's exports and imports in recent years;
  • Public policies and measures for enterprises in the Korean example.

Special certificates will be awarded to students who have fully participated in the lectures of the program.