International Project of the ODU Entrepreneurship Virtual Team

From April 30 to May 3, 2021, on the ZOOM platform, a specialized international seminar on entrepreneurship was held under the topic "International Project of the ODU Entrepreneurship Virtual Team".

The event was organized by Old Dominion University (USA), Innovative Eurasian University (Kazakhstan), Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship (Uzbekistan) and Tashkent State Economic University (Uzbekistan) and Astana International University (Kazakhstan).

The purpose of this event is to discover, implement, evaluate and use opportunities - beyond national borders - to create future goods and services, work in intercultural teams and develop strategies for entering foreign markets, work virtually in real time, asynchronously and in different time zones with using a variety of communication tools and strategies.

Participants: Marty Kaszubowski, Director of Innovation Initiatives, Old Dominion University, USA, Robert J. Pidduck, Professor of the Department of Management at Old Dominion University, Anastasia Aliyasova, First Vice-Rector of the Innovative University of Eurasia, Bakhrom Kholbaev, Deputy Director for Innovations, Research and International relations, representatives of Astana International University (AIU), management of Tashkent State Economic University,  students, undergraduates, doctoral students of the project participants, startup managers, teachers of "Entrepreneurship" trajectories and others.

On the first day of the event, Professor of the Department of Management of Old Dominion University - Robert J. Pidduck spoke in his presentation about how new enterprises go to the globally international level, the obligations/benefits of entering foreign markets and instructed the teams to develop an internationalization plan projects.

For two days, participants will meet online, discuss business ideas at the international level and work on cases in joint teams. After that, the teams will provide their presentations and receive feedback from the teachers and mentors of the project. From the GSBE, students of the Master's program in the specialty "Project Management" took part in this project. This specialized workshop provides participants with the opportunity to become familiar with international entrepreneurship and its involvement in post-COVID realities.

In conclusion, mentors and teachers from ODU highly appreciated the level of knowledge of the students of the Master's program of the GSBE and thanked them for their active participation.

This event will be an important step in the implementation of the tasks, within the framework of the signed international Memorandum of Understanding between the Graduate School and ODU.