Digital transformation and innovation technologies

General information  

The department is a structural subdivision of the Graduate School of Business and Management and in its activities is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of education, regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministries and Agencies in terms of their competencies, the Charter of the School, the rules of internal labor regulations, orders and directives of the director and Academic Council.

Goals and objectives of the Department

The main purpose of the Department is to train highly qualified personnel in the field of digital transformation and innovative technologies. Digital transformation means, first of all, the search and implementation of new breakthrough opportunities provided by digital platforms and innovative technologies.

The purpose of the Department of competitiveness of economic sectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the global market. The competitive advantage of the Department is that the graduate will have both modern methods of managing digital platforms and the ability to transform the business processes of the enterprise to ensure its competitiveness. The program also includes the practice of developing new business models based on the use of

Core competencies at the end of training:

- to conduct research and analysis of the company's activities in the paradigm of the digital economy;

- to apply methods of system analysis and modeling to analyze the digital platform of the enterprise;

- to develop a strategy for the development of the digital platform of the enterprise in the modern global economy;

- to plan the life cycle management processes of the enterprise digital platform and organize their execution;

- to manage e-business and e-business units in a digital economy;

- to conduct research and search for new models and methods to improve the digital transformation of business;

- to search and analyze innovations in Economics, management and ICT;

- to conduct research to develop strategic decisions in the field of digital transformation;

- to advise on improving the digital business platform;

- to advise on the development of digital business transformation;

- to manage the implementation of innovations for the development of digital transformation.

Teaching Staff:

The department is headed by Doctor of economics, Associate Professor D.V. Rasulova,

Department contacts

(71) 239 03 16