ACCA courses

The Republican Graduate School of Business and Management offers specialized ACCA courses for corporate clients. ACCA, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a global professional association whose goal is to train top-level financial professionals. ACCA teaches all the basics and subtleties of IFRS, thus allowing you to build a successful career in finance, accounting, auditing and management in any country in the world.


Advantages of ACCA qualification:

  1. Career and earnings: With this qualification, you will be an attractive asset for employers. The ACCA qualification shows that you are a hard worker who wants to climb the ladder of success, which means an increase in your living standards.
  2. Opportunities: An increase in living standards is not the only advantage. With great opportunities comes more choice, and accounting is a wide career path. What are you interested in? Sport, fashion, art? Any organization requires a financial expert, so you will have the opportunity to combine your educational experience with personal desires.
  3. Travel and work in any country: Since ACCA is an internationally recognized organization; you no longer need to continue to work in just one place. Now you can work in any country of the world. This will also provide additional benefits, as you will understand the international justice system; acquire industry-specific knowledge and potentially learn new languages ​​for yourself. These unique benefits will benefit your entire future career.
  4. Development: In addition to a greater change in lifestyle, you will receive a direct professional advantage in the form of access to vacancies from the best employers. You will attend industry events, as well as training sessions where you can further expand your professional connections. 93% of employers believe that ACCA is an international brand.

ACCA structure

Fundamental level (includes “Knowledge” and “Skills” modules) – consists of 9 exams
Professional level (includes “Essentials” and “Options” modules) – consists of 2 required exams and 2 options


  1. Accountant in Business (AB)
  2. Management Accounting (MA)
  3. Financial Accounting (FA)
  4. Corporate and Business Law (LW)
  5. Performance Management (PM)
  6. Taxation (TX)
  7. Financial Reporting (FR)
  8. Audit & Assurance (AA)
  9. Financial Management (FM)
  10. Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  11. Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
  12. Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  13. Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  14. Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  15. Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)


  1. Testing the level of knowledge
  2. Forming groups and adjusting the training program depending on the level.
  3. Development of an individual training plan, schedule and adjusting it depending on the results.
  4. Study materials.
  5. Access to internal resources of the school, where all lectures and study materials are based.
  6. Priority attendance to special private lectures organized by the school.


Our teachers have the following qualifications:

  • Practicing auditors at EY;
  • Internationally recognized bachelor’s degree in economics with a specialization in finance;
  • Three years of ACCA teaching experience.

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