The course is intended for specialists with higher, secondary vocational education, specializing in the field of human resource management in enterprises and organizations.

The purpose of the course is to study and improve the skills of specialists working in business entities of the basic principles of organizing personnel management and the ability to apply the acquired management skills in practice, as well as obtaining systemic additional knowledge that will allow for effective personnel management in accordance with modern requirements in the economy.

Course Objectives:

  • study of theoretical and practical foundations of human resource management;
  • developing an understanding of the creative use of the scientific foundations of management in practice;
  • gaining experience of behavior in various economic situations in human resource management;
  • identification of potential opportunities for management activities.

Programme of the course includes the following topics:

  • Corporate governance
  • HR system
  • Modern recruitment procedure
  • Assessment and placement of personnel in organizations
  • Personnel Adaptation System
  • Development of a personnel development and training system
  • Organization of work with staff
  • Personnel motivation and incentive system

After completing the course, graduates will know: basic scientific concepts of personnel management; basic laws of personnel management; basics of ethics of office relations; methods and principles of personnel management; basic strategies for personnel development; be able to use the basic principles of personnel management; use various methods of personnel management; possess skills in using various technologies of personnel management, planning their professional activities, business etiquette skills, techniques and methods of forming a system of interpersonal communication.

Form of study: full-time, full-time with a separation from work or with the possibility of distance learning.

Study load:

Training load - 56 academic hours

Duration of study - 7 days

At the end of the course, a State-standard certificate is issued.

Learning conditions:

Language - Russian, Uzbek

Number of students: 25-30

Cost: 2,700,000 soum

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