The NETWORKER game is the most advanced rhetorical tool that allows you to work with communication, self-presentation and contact skills and useful for everyone whose activities are associated with any kind of communication - both personal and business.

The variety of forms of this game is necessary, first of all, for sales, advertising, and marketing employees.

Target audience:

  1. Head of sales
  2. Employees of marketing, PR, advertising, and service departments
  3. Freelancers whose activities are related to various types of services

16 game decks allow to simulate any communication situation-starting from the place of communication, continuing with values and hobbies, ending with metaphors or social "roles".

Problem solving:

  1. Improving self-presentation skills.
  2. Develop flexibility in dealing with questions and objections.
  3. Working out flexibility in dealing with issues and objections.


  1. Training young employees in basic communication skills.
  2. Creating conversational scripts for sales Department employees based on individual characteristics (emotions, style, intonation, gestures, structure).
  3. Staff assessment and much more.

Duration of the game - 3 hours

Number of participants - up to 6 people (or 6 teams of 4 people)

Cost of the game - 280 000 soum per person.

Details by phone: +998 97 750 16 99

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