The course is intended for specialists with higher education and at least two years of experience in the specialty in a managerial position or a middle-level manager for the training of judicial managers.

The purpose of the course is to provide specialists with a full range of basic knowledge as court managers in the field of crisis management of the enterprise and on financial recovery of the debtor enterprise.

Course Objectives:

  • form steady professional knowledge among students;
  • teach to analyze the financial performance of the enterprise;
  • help to navigate in difficult situations and make decisions.

Programme of the course includes the following topics:

  • legal support for the activities of judicial managers;
  • accounting and financial analysis during judicial management procedures;
  • assessment of the object of judicial control;
  • crisis management of the enterprise.

After completing the course, graduates will know: system of legal documents used in the activities of court managers; be able to properly navigate in the exercise of their professional duties; have the skills to analyze the existing situation of an economic entity to make adequate decisions.

Form of study: full-time, full-time with separation from work or using the capabilities of distance educational technologies.

Study load:

Training load – 120 academic hours

Duration of study - 16 days

Intensity - daily from 9.00 to 16.00

Intermediate Control - Interview

Final control - testing

At the end of the course, a State-standard certificate is issued.

Conditions of education:

Language - Russian, Uzbek

Number of students: 20-25

Cost: 4 200 000 soum

1 700 000 soum (5 days, 30 academic hours)


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